Release Notes

Information on the latest enhancements, features, and bug fixes for Perch.

Version 2021.11.19

What’s New

  • Added the ability to configure offline sensor notification intervals
  • Added the ability import Monitored Assets via CSV or spreadsheet

What’s Updated

  • The roadmap icon now links back to this page
  • Removed the suppression count from the indicator suppression column
  • UI performance improvements for Intelligence and Perchybana vizualization pages

What’s Fixed

  • Custom indicators were not showing the indicator name
  • Disabling Enterprise SSO was still prompting user to log in with SSO
  • Select queries calling the intel data observable table would sometimes hang

Version 2021.11.02

What’s New

ConnectWise Manage Integration - Two-Way Communication

  • Added the ability to remediate or suppress a Perch alert from a Manage ticket
  • Updated the ConnectWise Manage integration options to allow mapping of Manage ticket status to Perch alert remediation status

For information on configuring two-way communication, see the help documentation: ConnectWise Manage

Version 2021.10.04

What’s Updated

  • Perch Log Shipper for Windows

Installer Updated:

  • Sysmon 13.24
  • Beats 7.10.2
  • Auditbeat service disabled on install

Features Added:

  • Updated Winlogbeat config to mitigate duplicate events issue.
  • Updated Sysmon configuration for better threat detection
  • By default, the installer will turn off auditbeat if deployed on the windows machine
  • Easy to install new version over the previous version of the Log Shipper
  • Auto-update is disabled (won’t work) for this version to preserve existing configurations that have been manually changed.