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Digging into the app

Now that you’re set up and ready to explore the app, you might find these articles useful on your journey to becoming a full-fledged user.

If you want a clearer understanding of the Perch app, we suggest wetting your beak and peeking at these articles. They’ll help you get around and learn how to use Perch:

For the organization(s) that you manage, the articles below will explain how you can set them up through the Perch app.

Use this article to learn how to get your eggs in a row by customizing your profile and preferences:

Perch allows you to connect with your communities in a transparent way, allowing you to pull intel to compare against your network traffic or logs. See how to get relevant communities integrated with your Perch instance:

After you’ve gone through the articles above, the following articles are great for users who want to jump right into the nitty gritty. With these articles, you’ll learn more about how Perch functions and exactly what it does.

With Perchybana we can work alongside you, you can go in and get your hands a little dirty and see the data that we see, or any combination of the two. We make the data transparent, giving you full control over your security posture.




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