Perch newbie


If you are new to Perch, this is the article to help you get started.

Perch is a co-managed threat detection and response platform with SIEM, backed by a 24-7, in-house Security Operations Center (SOC). Perch is flexible, scalable to your business, and customizable to fit your specific needs.

What to expect

After reviewing the available articles in this guide, you’ll have the knowledge needed to deploy Perch.

You’ll get support for the products and learn about ongoing Perch support, and how to get involved with providing feedback on the platform.

What's next?

Your next steps depend of what Perch is monitoring for you. We are likely monitoring both, your network and your logs (via SIEM). If you have a physical or virtual sensor that monitors network traffic, read Network Monitoring. If you have installed a SIEM to monitor logs, read Log Monitoring/SIEM.


If you’re unsure of where Perch is monitoring for threats (your network, logs, or both), please reach out to support. Contact