Setting up an AWS cloud sensor

If you need access to the private AMI image to deploy the AWS Perch sensor, please email We will need your company name and your AWS Account ID. Instructions on finding your AWS Account ID can be found here:

  1. Navigate to AMI -> Private Images.
  2. Choose the Perch Sensor AMI image.
  3. Provision a t3.large instance and choose and choose either Review and Launch or Next: Configure Instance Details to further configure the instance details.Create a new, or choose an existing keypair for the sensor instance and click Launch Instance.
  4. Once the instance has launched, log into the instance with the username ec2-user and the preconfigured key from the previous step.
  5. At the prompt type /opt/perch/shell/ to invoke the setup.
  6. Follow the instructions available here for setting up the sensor:
  7. Choose ens5 for the management interface and vxlan42 for the monitoring interface.