Schedule a Report

In Perchybana, you can schedule a report, visualization, search, or dashboard to run at a regular interval and time. Reports can be scheduled after they are created. Refer to Dashboards and Visualize for information on creating reports.

Field Descriptions

Perchybana Report Type : Select the type of report you want to run.

  • Visualization - run an infographic-like visual representation of your data.
  • Saved Search - run a stored Perchybana query that can be used to create a visual representation of a specific subset of data.
  • Dashboard - run a living repository of a collection of visualizations.

Perchybana Report Name: Select a report you’ve created, such as a dashboard or visualization.

Report Name: This field automatically populates with the Perchybana report name. You can enter a different name for your scheduled report, if desired.

Description: Enter a description of the report to help you identify it.

Optimize for Printing: Toggle the button to the right (purple) to display each part of the report on a separate page of the PDF for printing. When the button is toggled to the left (gray), all report information is printed on one page.


  • Interval - Select to run the report for a customized interval such as every 30 minutes or every 2 months.
  • Monthly - Select to run the report once a month at a specified day and time.
  • Weekly - Select to run the report weekly at a specified day and time.
  • Daily - Select to run the report daily at a specified time.
  • Hourly - Select to run the report hourly at a specified minute.

Send to default recipients: Toggle the button to the right to email the report to all the recipients set up to receive alerts and updates.

Send to specific recipients: Enter email addresses to send the report to specific contacts.

Save: Click to save the scheduled report settings.

VIEW REPORT: Click to immediately run and view the report. If you have selected the report to send to recipients, they will receive an email with the report PDF.

Schedule a Report

  1. Select the organization you want to run a report for.
  2. Navigate to Perchybana > Scheduled Reports.
  3. Click + icon to add a new report.
  4. Select a Percybana Report Type from the drop-down. For example, if you’ve created a dashboard, you can select Dashboard. Refer to
  5. Select a report you’ve created from the Perchybana Report Name drop-down.
  6. The Report Name field populates with the title of the report selected in step 5. You can enter a different name, if desired.
  7. Enter a Description of the report to help you identify it.
  8. In the Schedule section, select a Frequency from the drop-down.
  9. In the Recipients section, indicate who will receive an email of the report. You can select Send to default recipients to send to all of your default contacts or you can select Send to specific recipients.
  10. Click Save.
  11. You can click View Report to run the report immediately and view it. If you have selected recipients to receive an email about the report, they will also receive an email with a PDF of the report. Click the download icon to download the report.

Schedule Report Actions

You can make changes to an existing schedule, run a report, disable a scheduled report, and delete a scheduled report.

Disable: Select to stop the report from running in the future.

View Report: Select to run the report immediately and download a PDF of the report. If recipients are set to receive the report, they will be emailed immediately with the new report.

Details: Select to edit the settings for the scheduled report.

Delete: Select to remove the report permanently.

  1. Navigate to Perchybana > Scheduled Report.
  2. Click one of the action icons next to the scheduled report.