Organization settings

Organization settings

You can access your organization settings from your organization membership page. You can find this page by clicking your avatar (top right of the navigation) and selecting organizations.

From the organizations page, you can edit settings by hitting the gear icon settings next to the organization you would like to edit1.


1 You must be a organization owner to edit organization settings.

From there you will find various settings:

  • General
    • Edit general organization information.
  • Industries
    • Select related industries.
  • Sharing
    • You may remember seeing these details when creating your organization during sign up. You may pick and choose what you would like to be anonymized when sharing within your communities.


You can control what you share per each community via the community settings.
  • API
    • View your API username and password. You can also change your password.
  • Diagnostics
    • Here you can request creation of sensor rules and request creation of BPF config.