The Customer Success Team

Need help? You’re in luck! You now have all members of the Customer Success team willing to ensure a successful Perch experience. Your well-being is our #1 priority.

Reach us directly:


Director of Operations

email gary@perchsecurity.com
phone 813-810-7654
slack: Gary


System Specialist

email ray@perchsecurity.com
phone 719-641-9854
slack: @Ray Goniea


Operations Manager

email aaron.survilla@perchsecurity.com
phone 607-221-1594
slack: @as if


Operations Manager

email james@perchsecurity.com
phone 813-424-9761
slack: @James


For any questions or concerns regarding the safety of your network please email soc@perchsecurity.com, monitored 24x7 with our clients peace of mind, on our mind.

Want to learn more about our team?
👉 https://perchsecurity.com/team/