Step 4 - Monthly Recurring Alert Reviews

TIP: Please mark Perch as a ‘preferred sender’ to ensure our communications avoid your Spam/Junk Folder and stay in your Inbox.

After the 21-Day Alert Review is completed you will receive an email for Recurring Alert Reviews from your CSM. These meetings will continue for the length of your time with Perch. The Recurring AR will begin one month after the 21 Day AR and is designed to ensure security, satisfaction, and ongoing education of Perch.

We require a 48-hour confirmation and can work to reschedule your recurring cadence once per cycle. It is important that we are readily available to assist you. In our industry things change in a moment’s notice. If we have to make a last-minute cancellation, please know it’s for the greater good of the Perch Community. Thank you in advance for your help.

Who will be on the call?

Customer Success team, SOC team, and you.

TIP: The SOC can be reached directly at soc@perchsecurity.com with any questions regarding your alerts, escalations, and security.

Who and what to bring?

We encourage participation. Bring new employees, clients who are curious, decision makers, anyone interested in learning more about Perch. If we need to loop in a specific client on a RAR, we require 24-hour notice of the specific sensor being covered and who (name and contact info) will be joining the call. In order to create an environment specifically for one of your Managed Organizations, we need this information prior to the call to ensure information is secure, therefore eliminating security concerns.


  • Introductions
  • Alerts and Escalations of new and existing clients
  • Deployment planning
  • New Hire training
  • General Q&A
  • Next Steps – Rinse and repeat. (Your next RAR, Users and MSP Meeting, Squawkbox)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a new hire that needs to be introduced to Perch. What’s next?
A: We will use your pre-existing RAR to do this. Simply include new employee(s) in the meeting information or request assistance from help@perchsecurity.com. You can also request a recording of your company’s SOC Onboarding (Step 2) if you foresee an influx of new Users or desire training materials for your team.

Q: Does Perch have an API key?
A: Yes – View API Docs

Q: Which SLA plan do I have selected and what is the difference?
A: Our Service Level Agreements are

  1. 24x7 – 2-hour response time
  2. 8x5 – 4-hour response time
  3. Best Effort – typically within 48 hours

Q: Can we change the frequency of our recurring meetings?
A: Yes. These meetings are designed for your benefit. We typically meet Monthly to begin our relationship and work down to Quarterly. If you have another recommendation, let us know.

Q: How do I get signed up for the Partner Portal?
A: Registration is easy, visit our partner portal application page - If you are waiting on approval please reach out to help@perchsecurity.com.

Q: What do I need to set up my ConnectWise integrations?
A: You’ll need your ConnectWise Manage Partner ID, Base URL, Public and Private Key. For more information refer to our Connectwise Manage Docs.

Scheduling confirmations

We will confirm all meetings. If you cannot meet during the predetermined time, we will always try to accommodate your schedules. We request your confirmation two days prior. If a meeting is missed, we will simply hold off until the next occurrence. This will not affect your security in anyway. The SOC will always reach out in case of an emergency (Primary and Secondary contacts in the app).

What's next?

This meeting will begin as a Monthly occurrence. As you progress with Perch, we will push these out to Quarterly. Typically, we have three Monthly Reviews. We’ve found our client base to be well adjusted within this timeframe, with a preference of less one-on-one meetings and more of a focus on habitual communication.

Step 5 - Perch Monthly Meetings