Step 1 - Sensor Installation

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It all starts with your sensor. Start by familiarizing yourself with your sensor (or sensors) by visiting our sensor page.

If you have attempted a self-install you must notify Perch so we can verify we’re receiving required traffic.

Once your order has processed, you will receive an email that your sensor has shipped with a link to schedule your installation. If you do not see an appointment that works for your schedule, please reach out to help@perchsecurity.com

Prior to your install date, we suggest looking around perch.help. Specifically, we recommend taking a glance at our Sensor Scoping Document to get you prepared.

To get started, create an account at https://app.perchsecurity.com/login. (This can be done prior to receiving a sensor.)

TIP: If you are an MSP it’s very important to select “I am managing other Organizations.” This will allow your account to easily add new Organizations under your MSP umbrella.

Pre-install questions

  • Is this sensor for your organization or a client?
    • If for a client, pass along sensor naming convention.
  • Will you be on location installing the device?
  • Do we need to include anyone else on the installation? – This is done via Calendly.
  • Have you met the criteria for installation? (Mirror/Span)
  • If you’ve attempted a self-install it’s important that you let us know, email help@perchsecurity.com.
  • Do you feel self-sufficient with installs and no longer need our help moving forward? If so, let us know and we’ll note your all-star status.

Who will be on the call?

Customer Success team, System Specialist, and you.

Call Itinerary

  • Introductions
  • Create new Perch Account
  • Generate Sensor Invite Code
  • Sensor Registration
  • Sensor Health explanation
  • Update Sensor Software
  • SIEM Installation (if applicable)
  • Mirror/Span Configuration verification
  • Demonstrate Perchybana queries
  • Application walkthrough post login
  • Self-onboarding duties
  • Settings walkthrough
  • The Dashboard
  • Visualizations
  • Open Q&A
  • Next Steps – SOC Onboarding

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m locked out of my account. What should I do?
A: Wait 30 minutes and your account will unlock itself. If you are still locked out after this timeframe, please reach out to help@perchsecurity.com.

Q: Is there anything I need to do before our installation date?
A: You can visit perch.help. Here you will find the requirements and help for self-installation.

Q: What if I received a message to contact Sales for the OVA?
A: No need to contact Sales. Follow the links to download the latest image:

Q: What communities do you suggest we join?
A: Hail-a-Taxii (good open source feeds), DHS AIS (federal government intel), Emerging Threats (wide coverage), Cisco Talos (highly actionable). Instructions on how to join Cisco Talos can be found here.

Q: How do I get my sensor invite code?
A: From within the Perch App starting at the left nav bar select Settings > Network > expand Sensor Installation Codes > hit the purple (+) on the right side finally, hit Confirm before using the code (that will lock in the code for that organization).

Q: I received a Sensor Down notification. What should I do?
A: Start off by restarting the sensor. Updates may require a reboot.

Q: I have self-installed my sensor. How do I enable SIEM on my sensor?
A: You’ll need to book an appointment with our System Specialist. This cannot be done without our help.

Q: How do I add Account Admins?
A: Log into your account. In the left nav bar expand Settings > General > and on the right side scroll down and expand Users. Here you will see a purple plus sign (+) on the right side. Clicking that (+) will allow you to type in the email address of a user you would like to add to your organization. When any new user creates an account, they will be listed as a Member with read-only access. To expand their permissions, login and in the Role column change Member to Admin.

Q: Do you support Azure or AWS?
A: Yes, we do. Contact Sales or your CSM for more information.

Need help?

Schedule an appointment with our System Specialist.

TIP: It’s important to fill out scheduling forms to its entirety for our team to prepare.

If you have attempted a self-install you must notify Perch so we can verify we’re receiving required traffic.