Perch Monthly Meetings

Perch Monthly Meetings

We want to hear from you! We find user feedback essential to improving and growing Perch: our product as well as our service. Perch hosts company-wide meetings where our fearless leaders share what we’re up to (upcoming integrations, new features, tips, etc.), and encourage you to weigh in. To get in-the-know on all our meetings, take a look back and track our progress.

Who and what to bring?

New Perch users and seasoned ones, decision-makers, anyone interested in learning more about Perch are welcomed. Bring your beverage of choice, relax your brain muscle a bit – it’s casual. Air your comments and ideas on the chat window.

Catch up on what we’ve been up to on previous calls:

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MSPs: Monthly MSP Meeting

What's next?

That’s it! For now, at least.

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