Monthly Recurring Alert Reviews

Monthly Recurring Alert Reviews

After the 1st Alert Review is complete, you’ll get an email for Recurring Alert Reviews (RAR) from your Customer Success Manager (CSM). These meetings will continue for the duration of your time with Perch, starting one month after the 1st Alert Review. It’s just our way to touch base and make sure you’re secure and happy with Perch, and a chance to let you know about new features or ask any questions.

The frequency of your alert reviews will depend on your Service-level Agreement (SLA), as shown below:

  • 24x7-Platinum SLA = Monthly Alert Review
  • 24x7-2-hour response SLA = Quarterly Alert Review
  • 8x5 SLA = No Alert Review
  • Base SLA = No Alert Review

Who will be on the call?

SOC, Customer Success, and you.

Who and what to bring?

We encourage participation. Bring new employees, decision-makers, anyone interested in learning more about how to use Perch to its fullest. You can even loop in a specific client on a RAR: we just need 24-hour notice, the specific sensor being covered, and who (name and contact info) will be joining the call to help us create the right environment and to ensure all your managed organizations’ information remains secure.

Scheduling confirmations

We’ll confirm all calls with you two days before the scheduled date. If you can’t make it, we’re happy to accommodate your schedule. If a meeting is missed, we’ll just see you the following on the next scheduled review – it won’t affect your security or service in any way. In case of an emergency, the SOC will always contact your primary and secondary contacts designated in the Perch app.

What's next?