Seriously, someone just said “Do this thing now” (The Perch Way)

  • What to expect: A totally awesome experience with a group of people committed to customer satisfaction focused on sharing everything from intel to Me-Maw’s Chili recipe. If all else fails, email help@perchsecurity.com to request a Slack invitation. Once inside, you’ll be surrounded by peers to help make all of this seem less daunting.
  • Background at a glance: Founded in 2016 in Tampa, FL, Perch Security was created to meet cybersecurity needs by enabling institutions of every size to detect the threats their sharing community warns them about — without costly equipment or analyst hours. Perch’s goals are to help customers detect 100% of the threats shared with them, connect them with their best sources of intelligence, and to strengthen sharing communities through more participation.

Our Product

Select your IDS:

Sensor Options IPs

  • Tiny Form Factor 100
  • Small Form Factor. 1000
  • 1U/1U+ Rackmount 10,000
  • 2U Rackmount. 100,000
  • Hyper-V/VMware. 100-100,000

Select your Service Level Agreement

SLA Options Cost

Best Effort - 8-5pm weekdays Included

8x5 – 8-5pm weekdays, 4-hour response time Additional cost

24x7 – 24 hours a day 7 days a week – around the clock, 2-hour response time Additional cost

Upgrade your Perch

SIEM – Available on all IDS except TFFs for an additional cost

Once you’ve received a Physical or VM sensor and you are new to Perch you’ll need to :

  1. Install the Sensor with one of our experts
  2. Attend a SOC Onboarding
  3. Attend a 21 Day Alert Review
  4. Attending our Recurring Alert Reviews