1st Alert Review

1st Alert Review

After the 1st Alert Review is complete, you’ll get an email for Recurring Alert Reviews (RAR) from your Customer Success Manager (CSM) if applicable. It’s just our way to touch base and make sure you’re secure and happy with Perch, and a chance to let you know about new features or ask any questions.

The frequency of your alert reviews will depend on your Service-level Agreement (SLA), as shown below:

  • 24x7-Platinum SLA = Monthly Alert Review
  • 24x7-2-hour response SLA = Quarterly Alert Review
  • 8x5 SLA = No Alert Review
  • Base SLA = No Alert Review

If you don’t see an appointment that works for your schedule, please reach out to help@perchsecurity.com.

Who will be on the call?

SOC, Sales, Customer Success and you.

Who and what to bring?

This call is a great time to loop in decision-makers, CEOs, sales representatives, or anyone from your team interested in learning more about Perch’s innards. Expect to see how Perch has met your initial goals thus far, and other value you may have missed, in a measurable format.