• System Administrator rights in Salesforce.

Getting started

  1. Click here to go to Salesforce integration settings in the Perch app
  2. Click on Authorize to authenticate with the Salesforce instance.

Audit logging

Perch currently collects login history and audit trail logs from Salesforce.

  1. To enable audit logging, toggle the Enable log collection slider to on.
  2. Click on the save Save button to save your settings.

Case Management

Perch can create Salesforce cases when key events happen in Perch.

  1. Toggle the events you would like to create cases for to the “on” (purple) position
  2. Set the case owner, account, case record type, case origin, and case type properties globally for all cases Perch creates
  3. Set the case reason for each event you have enabled
  4. Click Save when you are ready to save your changes

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