Customers using both Freshdesk and Perch can create Freshdesk tickets from within Perch’s web application, allowing them to manage threat activity for all their clients in a single-pane view.

Perch’s Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors the environment for threat activity and escalates it to the MSP for action.


  • The ability to retrieve an API key from Freshdesk
  • NOTE: You may only leverage Perch <-> Freshdesk company mapping if you are Freshdesk’s Estate Plan or higher

Configure Perch app integration

  1. Click here to go to Freshdesk settings in the Perch app, or manually navigate to Settings > Freshdesk.
  2. Authenticate with an API Key - follow this guide.
  3. Configure ticketing with your desired options - you may want to save and reload after entering the API key.
  4. Click on save to save your settings.
  5. Click in the to generate a test ticket

NOTE: The ticket type is both required AND case-sensitive so be sure to double check that both systems match.

How to configure in Perch

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