Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams integration allows your organization to send notifications to customized endpoints when key events happen. Unlike other integrations, Microsoft Teams operates with webhooks and does not require credentials or authorization of the Perch app. This article will assist you in generating the necessary hooks to configure this integration.

Configure Webhooks in Microsoft Teams

From Microsoft Teams,

  1. Click on the “Options” ellipsis next to the channel for which you’d like to configure a notification. Click on Connectors.
  2. Search for and select Webhook in the list of available connectors.
  3. Configure the webhook by giving it a name (e.g. Perch Security) and a picture for the notifications. If you’d prefer, here is an avatar available for use.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Click the Copy button next to the generated URL. This is what you will paste into the Webhook URL box of your desired event in Perch.


Select Connectors on your Channel

Search Connectors

Search for Webhook Connector

Configure Webhook for Perch

Configure Webhook for Perch

Copy URL

Copy Generated URL

Configure Events and Channels

Configure Perch Notification Settings

  1. Toggle the switch next to each event to enable (purple) or disable (gray) notifications to your Teams endpoint for those events.
  2. Paste the copied URL into the Webhook URL input box next to your enabled notifications.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the panel.

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