Perch supports sensors in various cloud deployments and officially supports images in both AWS and Azure - if you would like to learn more about gaining visibility into your cloud environment, please contact your sales team.

Before you start, ensure UDP/19993 is open inbound to the Perch cloud sensor from the sources you are going to be sending data from.

  1. Register the Perch sensor in the cloud with these instructions (Perch instructions here)
  2. Create Ixia account/log into CloudLens (free 45 day trial)
  3. Log into the Ixia CloudLens dashboard at
  4. Provide Perch support (help@perchsecurity) the docker command from step 6 of the CloudLens Wizard along with the Company and Sensor name -
    **Company Name:**XYZ Corp
    **Sensor Name:**AWS_Sensor_1
    docker run -v /var/log:/var/log/cloudlens -v /:/host -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock –privileged –name cloudlens-agent -d –restart=on-failure –net=host ixiacom/cloudlens-agent –accept_eula yes –apikey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. When Perch support confirms that the docker container has been installed on the sensor and the cloudlens0 interface is monitored, proceed with the CloudLens setup as normal.