Getting Started

Knowing your dashboard

This will guide our first time users understand the Perch dashboard aka the landing page of the app.Ω


Location of sensors This map shows you the location of all of your sensors1 as well as a hexagonal heat map representing the level of alert activity within your communities.

Clicking on one of the colored hexagons2 will open a panel beneath the map with sightings details within that geographic area.


1 No one outside of your group can see the actual location of your sensors on their map.


2 You may not see any hexagons yet if you’re not part of any active communities.

Location of sensors These filters affect the sightings data that appears on the map. You can filter by time range and community, as well as select which group’s sensors to display.

Many users are only part of a single group and may not use the group filtering much; some other users manage many groups at once and they can use the group filter to limit which sensors they’re seeing.