Getting Started

How to get around the Perch app

How to get around the Perch app

Perch is ready to help protect your organization right away. This tour will help familiarize you with Perch and teach you how to use the platform to get the most value from your cyber intel.


If you’ve already set up your sensor physical or virtual and joined some intel sharing communities, you’re ahead of the curve. If not, that’s okay, we’re here to help get you started. To get the full Perch experience, make sure your sensor is set up and you have joined sharing communities.

Top Navigation

User Clicking on the User button opens a menu where you can manage your settings:

  • My Profile: You can edit your personal details, change display preferences, and manage your email settings.
  • Help: Offers help in the form of a handy in-app walkthrough as well as the website you’re already on.
  • Log Out: Log out of Perch.