Joining Cisco Talos

  1. To join the Cisco Talos community, you must first sign up for a Snort account and get the Oinkcode (API Key) here:
  2. After confirming your Snort account, ensure you are logged in, then navigate to your Snort account settings.
  3. Navigate to OinkCode and copy it. This is your API Key.
  4. Navigate to the Perch app here:, then log in.
  5. From the main menu of the Perch app, navigate to Intelligence > Communities.
  6. Join the Talos Community by clicking Join additional communities and selecting Cisco Talos.
  7. When you join, paste your OinkCode in the API key section and click Confirm.
  8. Select the feeds you want, then click Confirm.
  9. You’ll now see Cisco Talos as a joined community. Click Confirm one last time.