Joining a community

Joining a community

You can join communities during Perch sign up. You can also join communities from your groups community management page.

From the main menu, navigate to Intelligence->Communities Communities Menu


Most users will only be part of one group which should be selected by default. For everyone else, use the group drowndown to select the group you would like to manage.

From there the group community management page, you just need to click on the Join Communities icon add_circle near the top right.

Joining a Community

From the modal that pops up, you can easily join any communities.

  • Public communities are visible to anyone, and anyone can join.
    • Any communities with a lock lock_outline indicates a private community. You will need to provide an API Key to join.
  • Secret communities are not openly visisble. To join you will need a username/password or API Key.

After you click Join next to a community, you may be asked to select which feeds you would like to subscribe to.


You can join as many communities as you would like! We encourage sharing because that is what Perch is all about :)